Before entering the field of web hosting, I ran a snowboard manufacturing company in the United States. This was at a time when the Internet was first being discovered by consumers.

I wondered if I could get my snowboard company online and start selling snowboards worldwide. But we had no IT department and no idea how to grow our business online. The only IT services available were prohibitively complicated and expensive.

I started to think: "Why were there no easy-to-use IT services around that could help small or medium sized enterprises grow their business?" If there wasn't an easier solution, online growth of Japanese business would be stifled and so would Japanese Internet culture. .

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to start my own web hosting company. That was in 1996.

Seven years later, in 2003 we entered the digital certificate market, recognizing that widespread adoption of digital certification was critical to Internet safety and security.



Since then, we have grown to support almost 200,000 customers, and have established companies in 10 different countries. Today our entire staff is united behind a new corporate philosophy as we enter the next phase of growth and expansion.

This philosophy is expressed in our mission statement "To be a global company that supports businesses via the Internet and makes society smile."

We are acutely aware that our business is not only about serving our direct customers, but also the customers of our customers and the end users of their services. We aim for our services to have positive spillover effects into society at large.

We want to support our customers with safe and reliable services that contribute to a more trusted Internet and make society smile. That is our priority.

Going forward, the entire staff of GMO CLOUD is dedicated to reaching even higher levels of service, and we look forward to your ongoing support.

Mitsuru Aoyama, Chief Executive Officer, GMO CLOUD K.K.